Wednesday, February 22, 2017



Everyone bright and beautiful ...go gai gai..
Buffet breakfast was served at the hotel cafe, simple menu but satisfying to keep us going ......  

Georgetown Heritage Enclave.... listed as UNESCO Heritage city, Georgetown as founded in 1786 by Captain Francis Light. 

Beautiful Guan Yin Temple... 

look at these artistic and ornate pillars

ema outside a Japanese cafe ...instead of  wooden plaque, these are tiny bells

all things owlish, no need to recommend this...

I don't mind having one of this .......

rusted tree..

No, we did not visit this place as we went next door....

Dr. SunYat Sen Museum, this airwell/courtyard in the middle of the traditional old house with its beautiful patterned tiles ...

many of his memorabilia
Dr. Sun Yat Sen came to Penang with his family in 1910 and he started his "underground" activities against the Qing Dynasty in this house which was formerly a reading club house.  On 14/11/1910 he chaired and delivered his famous 1910 conference and raised $8,000 on the spot for his rebellion. The Kwong Wah Jit Poh newspapers was started by him here and it was one of the oldest daily newspapers.  There are guided tours and entrance fee is only RM5.00 partly to support the museum plus you get free Chinese Tea!

the airy courtyard garden...rainwater is collected into the well. 

Note: Just read about the appointment of Ms Khoo Salma Nasution as appointed city councillor at MBPP (The Star 5/1/2017).  She is currently the custodian of the Dr. Sun Yat Sen Museum and president of Penang Heritage Trust. 

She loves cats.....

she said this reminded her of  school days where she was ferried to and fro by my eldest sister on bicycle 

Some of these wall murals are getting "worn out" with paints peeling off. 

Image may contain: one or more people and food
While the rest of the group went to Kek Lok Si Temple, we wander around the shops at the foothill and enjoyed some cold coconut drinks and assam laksa.

Finally back to the hotel to freshen up before sitting down to a farewell Hainanese meal at the Hainanese Delights Cafe at the hotel... especially catered by the boss of the hotel himself..

Hainanese Spring Rolls. 

Hainanese Chicken Rice. 

Braised Duck in yam sauce.... yammy and yummy sauce which make you feel like drinking it!  

Sambal long beans with prawns 

Fried Omelette 

Assam Fish 

Fried okra with salted egg yolk 
Desserts was the popular Sago Pudding with Gula Melaka sauce and santan and truly was a delicious ending for a scrumptious meal.  Thank You for your hospitality. 


  1. great makan there. Wei wei...bought anything home? I see friends go there, they borong a lot home

  2. Thank you for promoting my hometown and the yummy food. I am surprised to see the Dr Sun Yat Sen's hiding place is now nicely done up. Long ago when they just opened, it looked so bare with a table with antique telephone on it with photos on the walls only.

    1. It is really nice house. maybe because not many supporters/visitors to this site... actually half of our group also did not join us.