Thursday, January 14, 2016



When I saw the post by Small Kucing about this brunch buffet, I immediately booked for the New Year's day. Knowing that the girls will be having their new year countdown and be back in the wee hours, brunch would be a perfect time to celebrate the New Year's day.
The Venue: Oriental Banquet, Section 19
Meal: Buffet Brunch.
Time: 11.00 am to 2pm. and they really open punctually at 11am even though the crowds were already waiting outside!

The various appetizers.... these are actually their small plates of  their first course for banquet meals.
Instead of a combination, each item is served separately.....

instead of a combination plate, each item is served separately and it was delicious as usual as the first course always taste good when the banquet begins hours late!

the curry laksa section.....

some of the foodstuffs for the steamboat section...

Roasted ducks and char siew...

the char siew was awesome.... "melt in mouth" yet not oily 

the hot buffet choices... 

these are good except the dumplings which was rather bland and not juicy

fresh sashimi  

individual serve of braised sharkfin soup.... there are 2 choices, the common one at RM43.00 and superior at RM53.00.  Since there are so much food, we decided on the RM43.00 each and this actually is the price of the brunch buffet. 

the whole roasted pig makes it appearance.... no need to queue for this as each table is served with a portion.  By the time, we got ours, the pork belly has all gone but still the pork was lean yet juicy and of course the crackling was good as expected. 

Just when you think you are already full, they started to serve Peking Duck.....

Each mouthful of  a wisp of hot, crispy skin, crunchy cucumbers and transparent crepe together with the sweet sauce... and you forgotten that you are already full!

Not to mention the dessert table of  local kuehs and also the lightest fragrant tau foo fah (soyabean curd)

End of meal..... must have carbo and coffee...

This promotion is on till end January.


  1. Wow! So much food there. The variety is delicious and mouthwatering indeed. This restaurant is well known for their expert chefs.

  2. Everything looks delicious. Just take a small piece of everything is enough to fill our tummy. By the time we reach the desserts, there will be no more room for them.

  3. oh promotion ends january ya...

    worth it hor.

    Last round when i had it the duck was a bit gamely taste.

  4. Yes, Small Kucing, definitely money worth.. thanks for sharing it.