Tuesday, January 19, 2016



The race is getting closer.......race to finish the orders and race to get ready for the Chinese New Year.
Still got to do CNY spring cleaning and momentarily I was saddened with the thought, that this year there is no one to help me change the curtains, wash the ceiling fans, wash the air-con filters and to do some of the wet market purchasing for me, thing which he had been doing for me yearly!  I quickly banished all these thoughts as the saying goes "when the horse die, start walking". Well, when there is a will there is always a way.  

But first concentrate on the baking....

Thank God, I have the best "jam roller" (ie my sister) to help me over the weekend.

it's the size that matters... a small bit more or less of the jam would change the way the tarts have to be packed?

the patience and skill in applying the egg wash is also important to the finished product, 
thanks to my daughter Esther.

finally the task of packing them neatly in the container cannot be overlooked, 
thanks to my daughter Sarah. 

So there you are and hope all my customers will like them. 

these are mamakaries samples only .

Wishing everyone an early Happy Chinese New Year as I will not be posting anything until after the festive season. 


  1. Advanced Happy Lunar Chinese New Year to you and your family...

  2. Wah so many pineapple tarts. This yearo dun hv the mood to do baking.

  3. I love your pineapple tarts! They look huge and nicely baked by good hands.

  4. Wahhh... the preparation has sterted!

  5. Wahhh... the preparation has sterted!

  6. So the CNY race has started. This year I am feeling so, so lazy. Wishing you happy CNY 2016!

  7. Thank you everyone for reading. A very Happy Chinese New Year to you all.

  8. This post makes my mouth water :-) Take care Diane

  9. This post makes my mouth water :-) Take care Diane