Sunday, January 3, 2016



Phow-Phow wishes everyone Blessed Christmas

It's 15th day of the 11th Lunar month, a full moon day which coincides with Christmas...can't be better than that.  So I prayed that my grandbaby girl born on this day will be blessed in life with God's grace.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, my first grandchild.....

born at 4.19 a.m. (Australian time)  25th December 2015 

Weighing at 2.752 gm at birth. 
It was a natural birth and both mother and baby are doing fine.    

A Christmas gift from the hospital...

Baby wrapped in a swaddle- God's perfect gift for us. 

Our impromptu Christmas Dinner... Pumpkin, Carrot and Corn soup 

It's a double celebration, so bring out the champagne... thank you, Kit (my nephew) for the Moet..

Bow tie pasta aglio e olio cooked by Esther.... except for a small blunder when she threw the pasta into my pumpkin soup to boil...hahaha. Luckily rescued just in time.  The pasta was flavourful and not too overpowering of garlic taste.

Devilled Eggs topped with cheese and crispy bacons bits cooked by Sarah....Delightful!  

Bought this piece of glazed ham when my sister called that she was coming for dinner- she love ham! Actually no need to do much, but I made a cranberry/orange sauce to serve with the ham as well to to glaze it.   
Roasted Chicken thighs with herbs and honey. 

Dessert- one of Sarah's pavlova.
What a sweet ending for a wondrous day! 
My guests for the impromtu Christmas dinner.. my sister and niece.. 

My hand-sewn baby blanket finished in time..


  1. Congratulations Grandma! Your baby is very cute and looked comfortable in the swaddle.

    My heart sank on seeing your lovely blanket as my mum used to sew these blankets for me using cartoon fabrics! Sobs!

  2. Thank you.. all mother would sew these for their kids... more like tradition and to wish them luck...Chinese says the blessing of 100 people or something like that?

    1. I am not sure whether you are aware that "Yang" hours start at 4.00am till 7.00pm and the baby's arrival timing is good and auspicious.

  3. Hi Elaine. Congratulations to the new grandma of the cute grandchild. A blessed gift to you. Happy new year!