Wednesday, January 6, 2016


Toto was given to us during the Christmas season 
and hence we decided that both of them share the same birthday. 

Breakfast for the birthday girl- using the remaining packet of hash brown, flatten them  to fit into the muffin tray.  Add some fried bacon pieces. Next time will vary the fillings. 

Top with egg/milk mixture and top with extra cheese. 
Bake them at 180C for around 20 minutes or till golden brown. 

Served with some salad 

These are baked Egg Sponge cake- a recipe I found online.
The texture and taste is the same as those oval-shape egg sponge ("Ji dan goh") which my mother used to buy for prayers.   

My birthday cakes for her..

After lunch, went down to BB area to see the Swarovski Christmas tree at Pavilion


  1. Happy Birthday Esther and Toto.
    All of you have such kind hearts to treat the pet dog with love like a family member & celebrate its birthday. Heaven will bless you all.

    1. Once my late husband complained that the dogs have apples cut for them but not him! Happy Friday

  2. Happy birthday 2 both of u...!!!