Friday, July 24, 2015



Warm Scones with homemade fig jam and Greek yogurt- 
Instead of an overload of calories with the whipping cream or clotted cream, Sarah used Greek yogurt to serve with the scones for a healthy version.  It was delicious... thick and creamy,   that both of us keeping eating and left behind only 2!
It was definitely a marvelous chance for me to sit and relax while someone does the baking and washing up.
Sarah said that she did not have the time to take me for Devonshire scones and tea in one of the popular cafe in Cardiff, so she baked them for me in KL now.   

She made them all by herself.... see the notty Toto waiting .......
He always likes to watch us, greedily if I may say so, whenever we are baking and at the blink of an eye he could licked up any crumbs that fall.  And we keep tripping over him  as we move around, we have to chase him out of the kitchen..   

Earlier this morning, Sarah took me for brunch at Third Wave in Nexus Bangsar.  While outside the mall was quiet, inside the cafe was a lively hum of clinking glasses, conversation and laughter.

long black  with nice latte art.

milky and strong matcha latte... according to menu, they used imported Japanese Matcha... good

Retro Scotch Eggs..... hard boiled eggs wrapped with mashed sweet potatoes and rolled with black sesame seeds before frying. Served with a mushroom barley risotto  

Gorgeous Portobello mushroom stuffed with potatoes and tomatoes served with a sunny side egg.  
the mushroom were meaty and aromatic but I would prefer a bit of sauce for the stuffing?

My sister had raved about their Tofu Cheesecake but we were both full  so we did not have any desserts.
Overall service was quick and quiet and there are various vegetarian options in the menu.

Have a wonderful weekend  folks!


  1. What a lucky lady! You are being pampered like a Queen!
    I love scones too. They certainly go well with tea or coffee for me.
    How did you like Cardiff?

  2. Good morning,
    I loved the serenity in Cardiff, not so crowded as in London.