Wednesday, July 15, 2015



Not a very fruitful weekend unless you call clearing up old recipes files so.   But it was challenging... to throw or not.  I have this tendency to collect recipes.... "Oh look so nice, must bake/cook"   "its interesting must bake"  "must be delicious... must cook for dinner" and so forth and so the piles of paper get higher and higher.  In fact, I have quit buying anymore cookery books and magazines as well.

I am a copycat alright but sometimes weekends can get busy with  events/festivals and other happenings and the recipe go forgotten and piled up and new ones that take its place.  

It took me 3 hours to clear away for recycling what I won't be using. My motto is what you won't do within a month, you will never do it.  

By the time I finished reducing the pile, it was time for dinner.   Because  of the hazy weather Sarah was coughing and having a sinus attack.   Using one of the recipe unearthed, boil some herbal tea for her.. Pek Kei,  wolfberries, red and black dates and Sha Shen (my addition which is good for cough). This drink is recommended to relieve stress due to examination which apparently is what she is facing, hence the low immunity  I guess. 

Rummaging through my fridge and came out with a box of frozen pork fillets and a packet of enoki mushrooms. 

Use the cleaver to lightly flatten/tenderised the pork fillets.
Season with salt and black pepper. 

I am using the seaweed which Mrs. Lee gave me from Korea, which is especially use for making gimbap.  This type is thicker whilst the other lighter type is for crumbling onto soups or rice. 

I used Enoki mushroom and roll  up tightly. 

Heat up pan and drizzle with olive oil.  Pan fry the rolls on medium-low heat so that the pork is cook through. 

Dish up and set aside. 
Deglaze the pan with some white wine and add some bolognese sauce(bottled one). Bring to a boil and season to taste.   

Spoon sauce over the rolls and bon appetit!

Have a wonderful long weekend and Selamat Hari Raya.


  1. The seaweed rolls looked so easy to make, from your detailed photos! I love to eat this combination as I could imagine the taste easily & started drooling.

    Normally when I have coughs, I would start drinking those "Pickled Lime Honey" in hot water which helps to keep my coughs at bay. How nice if I have you to boil the herbal water for me.

    Happy Holidays to you too!!

  2. Good idea to make pork and seaweed rolls this weekend.

  3. Good morning...
    Thanks for reading.