Monday, July 20, 2015



Promising beautiful day.... 
Surprise! the girls were up early without me calling them, especially on  a public holiday.
Yes, we had a date since it has been a  long time we have breakfast together... let's go yum cha. 
So we left the house before 8 in the morning and saw this beautiful rainbow! 

We drove to our favourite place in Kuchai Lama and it seemed everyone had the same thought.... the restaurant was getting full! 

yummy dim sums.... these are the steamed items only. 
We grab the Lau Sar pau as soon as it arrived.... but it was a let down this time..... the buns were not hot enough and overly sweet!!!  The rest of the dim sums were still fresh and tasty and generous portions.  

for a table of  8 ... 
By the time we were leaving, the queue for tables was very long.

Do I always look so serious meh? 
My Hari Raya present from Esther.... she is collecting these "bricks-building" sets nowadays.    

After the heavy breakfast, I went home with Sarah. While she was  revising for her exams, I was just lazing around till dinner time.  

Olive Fried Rice served with a sunny-side egg.
just to prove that the jar is preserved olive, there was this whole black olive inside. 

Pan fried char siew..... as taught by Aunty.
Tender and juicy char siew....... simply simmered in its marinating sauce till caramelized
Looking forward to use the leftovers for making Char siew paus...


  1. uiks...the "basket" of dim sum look so familiar. when saw you mentioned Kuchai, i think i know where liao :)

  2. Hahaha.... the one and only favourite dimsum cafe with long queue.

  3. Hahaha.... the one and only favourite dimsum cafe with long queue.

  4. I used to live at Taman Desa and frequented that dim sum restaurant. I love their pork ribs which is so yummy. That chain of restaurant is always packed with people.