Thursday, May 14, 2015


Finally we met them face to face.....

After 2 days of the hotel breakfast, we decided to try something else.  But most of the shops/cafes around here does not open till after 10 am.

This cute little cafe just around the corner of the hotel opened at 10.30 am and we were their first customers.

Even the pancake has the image of  Majo.Sady! - served with a mini green salad and fresh whipped cream and honey and Sarah ordered the potato porridge.

After breakfast, we checked out, leaving our heavy luggage with the hotel till our return from Jeju Island. We took the direct train to Gimpo Airport .. it is so convenient.

After checking in our bags, it's time for a picnic...yes,  a large landscaped waiting area complete with tables in the well designed and environment friendly.  

Eunice's mother had prepared for all us homemade sandwiches  and cut melons as well.

The flight from Seoul to Jeju Island is approximately an hour plus and there are so many flights with so many airlines taking off from this airport. We enjoyed our hour of sleep and soon we touched down in Jeju  International Airport.
After getting out of the immigration and into the car which they have booked, we drove to our first destination...... (not sure where it is but its a huge park with hundreds of these Cherry blossom trees.... and we just go crazy taking photos and more photos and of course enjoying them as well. Hope you will enjoy these photos as much as I did seeing them... credit to the professional photographer... my son Jeremy for these wonderful photos. (check out his blog: Jeremy Kid Wedding).     

My favourite photo.... great to have them together.. 

One last look ... forever in my memory.... 

Banchan for dinner.  On the left  are the Bingddeok-("bing Bing" means round and round which is the motion of rolling these buckwheat crepe into rounds and then filled with radish, sesame seeds, spring onions. 

a popular appetizer in Jeju and a speciality of this restaurant and ....they do taste rather bland yet clear (ching).. preferably eaten with their hot chili paste. 

Jeju Island produced more beans and grains than rice. Seafood is bountiful (obviously as it surrounded by the sea)  and the livestock industry is well developed especially famous for the black pig. This restaurant is also famous for the gogi-guksu something similar to the Japanese ramen noddles.  The broth is made by boiling black pig bones and meat and its so rich and sweet and yummy. Slices of pork and a sprinkling of spring onions completes this totally satisfying meal. (however I was unable to finish the big portion and felt rather bad wasting the food).     

Korean steamed mandu... dumplings 

the grandmother preparing the Bingddeok 

this is the restaurant 

By the time we finished our meal, the temperature outside has dropped and its time to get to our hotel which is situated on the other side of the island ie in Seogwipo.  Jeju city is where the airport is and the Hallasan Mountain is almost in the center of the island and Seogwipo is on the other side. While we at the back of the car relax and (falling asleep as well) Mr. Lee drove through the dark and winding roads for nearly an hour to reach the hotel.... 

Pol-A Resort Jeju 

Lobby area 

an experience to sleep on the futon and the floors are heated  

the living room of the apartment suite and its fully equipped kitchenette. 

the huge dining hall for our buffet breakfast.

Finally after a hot bath time to dream about the sakura!


  1. Looks like a lovely trip. I love the pic of four sitting on the bench. So lovely

  2. Thank You... my son and daughters..all look alike right ? hahaha