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I think I have finally get over my jet lag... imagine going to bed at 8.30 p.m. and waking up around 1 a.m. and could not get back to sleep for the past week, falling asleep on the way home in the bus and missing the bus-stop!  So I am slowly sorting out the photos and posting about my Summer Holidays 2014.


Bright blue sky ..on the way to KLIA
Our departure at 10.25 am and travelling time around 12 hours to reach Heathrow around 4.25 pm. However we managed to get out of the terminal around 4 pm even though it was a bumpy flight on board. 

A selfie before departure at KLIA.  Our flight was on A380 upper deck and it was indeed a pleasant flight though we slept most of the time.. 

May's kosher meal...... 

......more like pureed baby food...hahaha

On the way to Cardiff from Heathrow Terminal 4 by National Express Coach, promise of a bright summer
Our stay at Ibis Hotel Budget in Cardiff.  Room was clean and service was efficient too.   All-you-can-eat Continental breakfast is available at the hotel at GBP9.50 per pax and it is definitely value for the money especially those delicious creamy cheeses. 

16/7 /2014 

Sarah met us the next morning after breakfast and she was our guide for our first walk around the Welsh town. We did not follow the map but just walk randomly and yet managed to see most of the sights recommended as the cool weather made it ideal for walking around. 

We started our walk from the hotel and around the corner saw this building -  

Cardiff's famous Brains Beers Brewery, I think this is the old one as the new brewery at the other side of the town. 

there is a Jamie Oliver Restaurant too.... Sarah commented that the food is so-so only

The new Cardiff library in centre of the city 

The Corner House and the alley behind is where most of the pubs/cafes are located.

Another pub- Duke of Wellington. There is a good mixture of old and new buildings around the city. We soon found our way into one of many shopping arcades.

Variety of shops inside the alleys...

Vinegars for tasting.

so colourful but some are not natural colouring. 

Sweets shop 

Pigeons seems to be fond of resting on top of every statues in England! Aneurin Bevan Statue- one of the important minister help in establishing National Health service in 1948. 

This is Cardiff Information Centre- formerly the old library building. 

Exhibition on the history of Cardiff,  the animals models replicate the Stone Animals Wall around Cardiff Castle- the first 9 original animals are: hyenna, wolf, ape, seal, bear, lioness, lynx and 2 different lions.  In 1931  the pelican, ant-eater, raccoons, leopard, beaver and vulture were added.   

A beautiful tiled drinking fountain. 

The beautiful Tiles corridor at the basement- the tiles are so beautiful!. 

The Bar 1976 is just what it is.... a bar....

Next we came to the Cardiff Market.. 

Ashton's is the fishmongers since the beginning of the market. Saw many people purchasing cooked scallops and fresh oysters and eating on the spot here.  

long queues at this stall... on the spot-baking of the traditional Welsh Cakes. They are actually cooked over a hot griddle.

picture taken from BBC Good Food (as we did not buy any) 

Came out from the market and the square is full of eateries.... Cornish pasties very good..

Poundland- where some items are sold at GBP1.00 each ... this is where the students would normally do their shopping..
The tower block where the Friary used to be ...and walking further towards Bute Park

The drinking fountain at the Dock Feeder Canal.

We went through the underpass and came up this area  known as Cathay's Park.   The City Hall building is on right and the clock tower is on left.  There is a statue of the Welsh Dragon on top of the dome. 

This is the war Memorial to Welshmen who died in the South African War with the statue of Electra, a princess of Argos in the Greek mythology.

This is the administrative offices of the University of Wales and Law courts. Notice the sculptures on top of the entrance... one represents Mining (Minerva with miners) .....  

and the other Navigation (Neptune in  a chariot) 
Interesting obelisk  with griffin and wyven (dragon)  figureheads on ships' prows and bearing Cardiff's coat of arms.  Can you see the knitted poppy flower- a remembrance for war ?

We walked along and entered the Alexander Gardens.  There was a group of students celebrating a birthday picnic and all around the park, you can see people relaxing in the sun, it was warm weather.

In the center of the garden is this National War Memorial  for those who lost their lives in World War 1. The 3 bronze figures of a soldier, sailor and airman are raising wreaths towards the winged Messenger of Victory.  After relaxing here for a while, we felt hungry and detoured back to the town centre. 

Eating Welsh in Wales country @  Garlands

Welsh Rarebit - melted cheese sauce served onto of crispy toast-
Mediterranean style served with tomatoes and olives salsa with salad.

Cawl (pronouced as "kaul") - is a national  dish of Wales.  It means a traditional Welsh soup with cubes of lamb stewed with potatoes and carrots- very tasty and filling.  

After such a heavy lunch, we decided to visit the Caerphilly Castle which is on the outskirts of the town. As we were walking towards the bus station, we were looking at the architecture of these old buildings and ...

enjoying taking photos of interesting buildings here and there when suddenly one man (yes I have noticed that he was looking at us!) approached to us saying "come and follow me,  I show you an interesting building"...

So, do I go along or not?  Sarah said "Don't look at him!"  But curiosity got better of me  and well its broad daylight and we are in a group, so why not....

this is what he showed us..... see the outside brickworks? what  does it resemble?

Yes, it was a church and now turn into a pub called The Prince of Wales....

So we ventured inside and surprise......  

what was used to be a church had been turned into a theatre...playhouse before

it became the present day pub.... see the circle and stalls and boxes...

It is very interesting and we were glad we did not miss it, though of course we are reminded  to exercise caution and our intuition whenever overseas.

Caerphilly is the largest castle in Wales and the building  was started in 1268 by Gilbert de Clare aka  "Red Gilbert" because of his red hair (red dragon? D:). 

the wide moat surrounding the castle

Entrance to castle across the wooden bridge..

Can you tell which tower leans more, the Leaning Tower of Pisa or the "Leaning Tower" of the castle?

Kind Edward II took refuge at the castle while fleeing from the army of his wife. This is the great hall where war strategies were discussed.

Every castle has its own eerie stories to tell...
Behind the curtain on the right side is a secret passageway and it is believed to be haunted by the Green Lady and the passage was linked to the lord's private rooms.  There had to be much intrigue going on and I bet he must have got  his servants to spy on the meetings/discussion at the hall.   

wonderful scenery surrounding the castle... seems you can actually do some hiking up those mountains.

It is not all stone castle, there is a wooden platform on the right ... where they fired those cannons  

the thickness of the castle walls

not sure what this lone figure was doing in the middle of the field 

It had started to drizzle and besides it was closing time before we leave the castle and made our home back.
Sarah had wanted to take us for dinner at the Harvesters, popular for their baby ribs but unfortunately the place was closed for a private function.  We were tired and sleepy (jet lag again!)  and most of the cafes were closed except for the pubs and we ended up having fast food. 



  1. Wah what a long post. explore so much. no wonder so tired leh

    too bad about all cafes closed.But when tired and anything will do la

  2. Good morning,
    Yes, we were really surprised at ourselves... can walk so much! not in KL though hahaha.