Monday, August 25, 2014



Nothing like home..... Blackie enjoying the open space 

and the sunshine..after being caged for 2 weeks, her fur was shedding badly.. lack of vitamin D

Due to a slight infection on her wound, we have to send her to the vet and 2 more stitches were put in to make sure the skin closes properly. She was with the vet for a week and after that we took her for boarding at the pet groomer as the wound has to be kept dry and  low risk of wound getting infected again.  So finally on  Saturday  it was again to the vet to remove the stitches.  Thank God the wound heal beautifully this time but still had to wear the collar to prevent her from biting it and we decided to take her home.  She stayed in the sun for almost an hour !

And  she is also back from Cardiff....

Sarah had finished her law degree and is back in KL.  

Her first project - promoting and getting her macaroons for sale...

These are all her pretty  hard work...
Anyone interested... just drop her a line..

While she was out delivering her orders, I decided to make some myself with the recipe from Nasi Lemak Lover..... thanks for sharing your wonderful recipe....

very good reults.........
but I had a bit of problem with my icing sugar and that's why the appearance not that smooth.  Besides I did not wait to rest the macaroons before baking and really keeping my fingers crossed!.

Earlier I bought some lemons from the market so instead of the salted caramel flavour, I decided to make lemon curd. 

Lemon juice, butter, egg yolks, sugar  and lemon zest. 

 The egg yolks, sugar and lemon juice was cooked in a double boiler till thicken.  Butter was then added in the mixture and the lemon zest was added in last after mixing in the butter.   

The sourness of the lemon curd cut some of sweetness of the macaroon and its a perfect balance to me. 

Plums were also cheap at the market, 14 pieces for RM10.00.  Saw the Bake Along theme is Plum Tartlet and it looks  appetising, so decided to bake that too.     

I baked them in the muffin tray (12 ) and one ramekin. 

Recipe was easy to follow  but I find the texture dry and crumbly.  
Noticed that these are meant to be eaten with ice-cream.

Have a wonderful week.


  1. *Clap hands* Bravo! Is that the first time you making macarons? Looks very good leh.

    Good news about Sarah and Blackie :)

  2. Good morning,
    Thank you ...not the first time but always making it together with Sarah.