Monday, August 11, 2014



A prayer for the lost lives in MH tragedies, a prayer for souls of our loved ones and a time to pray and burn offerings to appease the souls of those roaming spirits..

My family gathered together for the festival dinner and prayers on Saturday and the unspoken rule was everyone suppose to bring a dish to help ease the burden of the hosting family to cook for such a big group. 
Initially we did  get some new dishes to tantalize our tastebuds.. Then due to time constraits (excuse - not free!) and loss of creativity, pre-ordered/bought  meals soon make their appearances on the table.
I could tried to cook a dish whenever possible (though most of time it did not meet their approval or suit their taste)  or at least bring a cake or dessert.

On Saturday,  due to some  miscommunication, we have 4 Roasted Ducks (all bought by my sisters and sister in law)  and my Salted Duck Salad for dinner. 
 I was given this salted boneless duck which my sister in law Evon bought from Ipoh.  I know that there would be too many standard meaty dishes eg Roasted Pork, Steamed Chicken  etc, I decided to make a refreshing salad  in this hot weather.  Made a quick trip to the Jaya Grocer and got most of my salad greens, so fresh and so many varieties available.

So I pan-fried the salted duck using my Happy Call pan.... fantastic pan... no greasy stovetop and no need any oil at all!.Actually you could just steam the duck and it is equally tasty.

This way, the duck fats are rendered out and I get crispy skin and grilled meat, not so oily for the salad.   

My simple dressing... extra virgin olive oil, ground salt and black pepper, Herbs de provence (which I get from Paris), truffle oil, lemon juice and a dash of Djion mustard of course. 

I had earlier prepared the purple cabbage, carrot, cucumbers and celery (all julienned) and just before dinnertime, assemblied the salad with cherry tomatoes and sliced salted duck and tossed with the dressing. 

I was glad that this time all the salad were devoured with great enthusiasm!  


  1. I love Roast Duck but now cannot eat a lot coz will have headache. Maybe have high cholestrol.

    Love to cook Roast duck in asam vege

  2. Good morning ladies,
    Our family love it too but 4 together was an overload... seems that the Chinese living overseas also love them in London and Paris too