Monday, August 18, 2014



Welsh Cake as the name say is,  from Wales.  This cake is not a cake, it looks a giant cookie and yet taste like a scone and are cooked on a griddle just like a pancake.
These are traditional cakes made by the lady of the house to entertain guests. As these cakes are durable and filling, the housewives of the coalminers could often baked these for the coalminers to take with them "down the mine".

The cakes are make of  simple basic ingredients: 225 gm self-raising flour sifted together with 1 tsp of mixed spice, pinch of salt, 110 butter; 60 gm of currants/raisins/mixed fruit; 65 gm caster sugar and 1 egg and milk (as necessary). 
(adapted from Recipe source from Delia Smith)

Sift the dry ingredients togeher and rub in the butter.  

till they are crumbled.....  

Add the raisins/currants

Add the beaten egg and using a fork bring the dough together, adding some milk if necessary (in my case I did not add any milk)

Lightly sprinkle flour on the table and roll the dough to around  more 1/4 cm thick.  Cut into rounds.

I used the pizza stone to bake the welsh cake instead of  using the griddle  and I have put it to pre-heat  at 170C

Carefully place the welsh cakes on the hot pizza stone and bake for around 8-10 minutes.

I have overbaked the darker shade cakes for 15 minutes as I was wanting the golden brown top whereas the lighter shade ones on the right are baked for just 10 minutes. This is the correct colour for the welsh cake, pale golden.  

Notice the texture - the darker ones are more crispy while the lighter ones are softer and moist, both of which are delicious. 

Alright, baking's done let have some cage bach, Te A choffi.


  1. The ingredients is pretty similar to those of making ginger bread man. Hmmm maybe i can make this for J's kindy

  2. Good morning ladies,,
    Well it does taste like cookie maybe I baked it instead...and yes it is very easy to make.. give it a try.