Tuesday, June 24, 2014



It was a hectic weekend for me and its all about my cats and dogs.

First meet my Bebe (Baby)...
Picked her up from the side of the drain .. all wet and dirty.  No mother cat came forward, so took her back and started to "nurse" her.  Isn't she cute,  yes, she can hold the bottle herself when its milk time.  Since our cat Cherry passed away more than 2 years ago,  it is wonderful to have a cat to play around minus of course the headache of cleaning up after her.    

Bebe is now more than 6 months old and she like to wander outside the backdoor.  I have so far been able to catch her back each time, but its time to let her go.  The  time has come  to have her spay so that she can gain her independence and freedom to roam.   So took her to the vet last week and just got back this weekend.

After a hot bath, she  immediately wandered outside to explore ..........

......and fell into the drain!  This is the drain at back of my house .. at least 5 feet deep! 

I am not sure whether because she was so home-bound that she does not know how to climb up the ladder or just plain dumb!  Finally we used the old trick... food... to get her up.   Hope she had learnt her lesson well this time. 

Playing hide and seek with uncle Toto.. both of them can get along well.. she drinks from his bowl and he eats her leftovers!

This is Browny.  He is a tiny fellow and must be bullied by the other cats at the back.  He fell into the drain not once but twice and the last time, his leg was injured but the vet says it is not in alignment. So I am fattening him up before releasing him.   

Next, my daughter and me got hold of Becky (Blackie) a female stray puppy and took her for spaying.  I did not take any photos of her when I first noticed her around my neighbourhood.  She must be someone abandoned dog as she was wearing a blue collar.   She was scavenging for food around the rubbish bins.   Then she suddenly disappeared for more than 2 weeks before I saw her again and I was shocked... She was a  skeleton of her former self, patches of skin visible in her fur and limping badly too- must be due to an accident!  So that's when I started to feed her and since then she had grown to a pretty little woman now and its time to get her spay before any more "accidents" happen.  She is up for adoption as I cannot possibly keep another dog (I already had 3 in the house).  Photo will be posted later. 

Finally, we noticed that Phow-Phow would suddenly become aggressive whenever we try to leash her.  Upon inspection, saw that there was a bite mark below her neck and the area around it had become swollen.  So quickly took her to the vet and was told probably she was bitten by some unclean teeth.  Now, it is impossible to be JuJu as he dotes on her and treat her as his darling. So the culprit must be Becky!  Jealousy fight for JuJu's attention? hahaha.. 

Anyway it was infected, so she got a jab and have the abscess removed and on medication now.

In between the vet's visit, we took time off to have our lunch at Niko Niko Onigiri cafe.   They have just re-located from Taman Len Seng to Taman Segar. This is Sarah's favourite cafe!

Bento - DIY Onigiri . RM10.00 

Esther's Onigiri set. RM8.90.

There is also a breakfast menu and of course, take-away too.  Clean and simplistic cafe with efficient and prompt service. We will be back.. 


  1. I loves dog, buy my mum don't like dog, so i can't keep dog...

    1. Good morning Sharon,
      Thats good you have love for the dogs... go volunteer at a dog shelter and give them your love and hugs... God bless you.

  2. Hi Elaine, it's good that you love pets. Keep up the good job. The kitty can hold the feeding bottle, so cute. Thanks for sharing with us.

    Best regards.

  3. Good morning Ms Amelia
    Thanks for viewing.. yes she can hold it!
    Have a wonderful weekend.