Monday, June 30, 2014


27/6/2014 SUNDAY

MAGIC CAKE..... this cake is getting my attention.... saw a few bloggers posting on this cake.
Well read the recipe and the ingredients are just simply sugar (both icing and caster sugar) milk, flour, eggs ... that's all.   Since I have not been baking regularly, it is time to try something different to rekindle that spark of baking in me.
I followed the recipe from The Bake for Happy Kid. I like following her blog, she not only share a lot of tips and the results are always satisfactory. 

I whisked the egg whites manually but use the mixer to whisk the egg yolks and icing sugar together.
Trying to be gentle as the egg white get mixed into the egg yolk mixture.  The batter is then pour into the cake tin and bake for 30 minutes (covered with foil) at 150C and another 30 minutes with foil remove. The oven temperature is then up to 160C for the last 10 minutes.

Voila! ... only a small crack at corner. 
Testing my patience as I waited the cake to cool completely and I left it to chill further for around almost 4 hours before unmoulding.

Can you see it?! 
However I can see only 2 distinct layers... the custard layer at bottom and the fluffy spongy layer on top. 

Taste wise.... yummy, eggy, spongy and smooth thick custard.. truly magical. 
Definitely will be baking more of this

Time flies and half the year had passed.  Time again to clear the fridge. Saw some bacon and remember the bag of cheese which my sister brought back.  Time to try things- savoury muffins! Frankly I haven't bake these before because I always had this notion that muffins should be sweet!   But then again when I saw the recipe on Kitchen Flavours blog, I decide to give it a try at least once! 

The main ingredients: bacon chopped and crisp (not totally crispy as I don't want them to dry out during the baking), fresh corn (which I substituted with cream style corn), diced spring onions, cheese, eggs , flour and milk. Mix dry ingredients together ...

and add the combined wet ingredients .. last minute decided to add more black pepper besides the cayenne pepper as flavouring. 

spoon into the muffin tray... learnt from my mistake, tha tit could be preferable not to line the tray as the muffin tend to stick to the liner. So just make sure to grease the tray well.  

Golden beauties... cheesy and deliciously savoury muffins. These could make nice light meal for lunch or even breakfast.  Simple and easy to make.

Give Thanks Always for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus.  


  1. Good morning Sharon,
    Oh.. these are definitely good for tea-time as well! come come.D: