Sunday, October 21, 2012


The local newspapers have been encouraging the people to do good and volunteer for various charities.
I was lucky and thankful for the opportunity to put into practice some volunteering service last weekend.

In collaboration with the breast cancer awareness month, Softlan has organised a few roadshows around the major supermarkets.  Their promotion "A Touch of Love, a touch of Life" pledge to raise RM100,000 toward breast cancer charities, including the BCWA, Makna and the National Cancer Society. For every photograph taken (by the way it is free of charge), Softlan will donate 10 cents towards these charities. You can also buy their promotional bottle with the pink ribbon  at RM8.99  and cents will also go towards the charities.

This is my first time as a volunteer for the Breast Cancer Welfare Awareness society  and I was lucky to partner with Madam Choong Poh Geok for this event at the Jusco at AU2 at Setiawangsa.   Madam Choong is a cancer survivor and she is such a wonderful and jovial person.   She is very patient to explain to the shoppers that drop by the counter and she make sure that she did not missed out any important particulars to share with them- she even run after them!  Her earnestness, passion and knowledge to spread the importance of early detection by way of self-examination is  really an eye opener to me.  I truly enjoyed learning from her and at the same time sharing with the people.

We were working together with 2 promoters from Softlan company.  We  approached the shoppers to get their photo taken and at the same time to talk to them about breast cancer awareness.  These are some of the responses from the shoppers:-

1.  some would straightaway refused before you even finish explaining what it is all about and walk away.
2.  some are too shy and refuse you politely
3.  some are so willing to participate and do something for charity.
4.  some detour when they see us approaching
5.  some just come forward to enquire about breast cancer
6.  some are not aware of importance of doing self-examination.
7.  some dropped by to share with us their own survival experiences - gave them hugs for their bravery.

The numbers of pledges ie the photographs taken.

Men too can be at risk of breast cancer.
We received some free samples from this promoter hehehe.

Time flies and soon it was time for the next shift of volunteers to take over from us. I was really glad of this opportunity and am gladly looking forward to the next time.
Do check out the Softlan facebook on this programme.

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