Monday, October 15, 2012


Do you want to hear the good news first or the bad news.

I  prefer to hear the bad news first so that when I hear the good news hopefully  my emotions will be stablised and be more positive.

Here is the bad news.  Last weekend, this is what I found inside Jeremy's room!

I was mopping the floor and when I pulled the chair, I can saw this and at first I thought it was a large caterpillar. However, when I tried to pull it out of the roller (with some papers, thank God) it was stuck! On closer inspection, something is not right, can see the scaly skin and that's when I freaked out and ran outside to get help from my neighbour.  Mr. O (the heavyweight) was not at his fruit stall, so, no choice went next door, get Mr  K (the scholarly one). 

This is what he helped to pull out of the roller.Urgh.... it was dead by then with the rolling around. It must came into the room so unsuspectingly either when we were removing the old the washing machine (yep got a new washing machine finally!) or from the septic tank when the contractor opened it to repair the pump. 

Now both Sarah and myself are still scare to use that room for the time being.  
The good news?  I have won a prize from the Food & Travel Magazine. Hip Hip Hurray!

Frankly I am very very happy - the prize is one thing but finally after years of trying at all sorts of contests or giveaways, I am lucky this time.

Thank You very much to the Food & Travel Magazine.

Whenever I buy Nasi Lemak from the Kakak from the market, I could get her to pack the sambal separately.   I could stored up the leftover sambal and use it to  stir fry vegetables (Kangkong, french beans, ladyfingers etc) or mix together with dried prawns for stuffing the fish!           

This is what I have won. I am really looking forward to receive them and using them too!


  1. Congratulations Elaine!I never thought of re-using sambal nasi lemak. I usually just throw the left over away. Thank u for the recommendations!I'll definitely try it afterwards :D

  2. Congratulation, Elaine!

    You must be very excited with all these new "toys" that you have won. Can't wait to see what you are going to cook with these :D