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Finally the day (4/4/2012) had arrived. My son, Jeremy came back from Melbourne for holiday and decided to give me a treat -5days/4 nights trip to Taiwan. So thoughtful of him.

Heard so much about the good street foods, nice scenery and cheap shopping in Taiwan that my interest has been aroused and this got to satisfy myself by going there once at least.

We left for the LCCt terminal early as it was a working day and I don't want to risk missing the flight. The flight was uneventful and right on time too.

Arrived at the Taipei airport and upon checking out, Jeremy and Sarah registered themselves with the Taiwan Youth (below 30 years) whereby you will be entitled to certain discounts.

As there were 4 of us, (my sister May also from Melbourne and my daughter Sarah) we decided to get a taxi to the hotel. There was a very long queue but there were personnel managing the queue very orderly. As each taxi arrived they immediately picked up the passenger without any bargaining at all.

This lady was so friendly too- giving us a few tips and information.
The taxi driver was friendly and even though he was not sure of the location of our hotel, he called his fellow taxi drivers to get there. The taxi all use the meter here so there is no exorbitant prices to pay.

May relaxing at the settee. There is a hugh double bed, so inviting

We stayed at the Beauty Star Resort Hotel throughout the 5 days. It is located near the Shilin Night Market. The front staff were friendly and helpful as we had to change our original booking-yet we were still given a luxury room. They can also speak good English, though of course, we get to practice our Mandarin as well.

Jacuzzi in the bathroom. We only managed to indulgence in this luxury once during our stay.

After checking and resting, we moved on to visit TAMSHUI-FISHERMAN WHARF.

The hotel is located just approx. 10 minutes to the Jiantan MRT Station. The MRT station is clean and the signs are clearly displayed both in Chinese and English.

View of the neighbourhood as we passed by

Sarah enjoying the bright, clean and spacious trains. There are certain seats (in dark blue) specially reserved for the elderly etc.

This is what Sarah is smiling at- big brother carrying his small sister as they reached their station- cute.

Tamsui- Fisherman Wharf was really crowded as today was a Public holiday in Taiwan - Tomb sweeping day.

As it was near dinner time - the streets were pretty crowded as well.

As we were not hungry, we decided to take the ferry across to the LOVER'S BRIDGE to catch the sun set.

However by the time we crossed over night has already fallen as it was still early spring.

Lover's Bridge so called as it was official opened to the public on a Valentine's Day.
The quiet surroundings after the crowds over at the wharf are definitely suitable for couples to walk around to enjoy each other company and the sea breeze.

Some were took their dogs here for walkie too. I noticed that the Taiwanese like dogs- they (the dogs) seem to be part of their accessory- just carrying them around with them in bags and even big labrador got his own pram!

We took the ferry back to the wharf after walking and lazying around.
Start of the street foods frenzy back at the wharf.

Iron Eggs- these are everywhere - its like century eggs.

From left: Red Bean Buns, Deep Fried Taro balls, fried taufoo.

Most of the street foods are either deep fried or grilled - rather unhealthy plus the various sauces that were plied on the food.

Grilled Quail eggs

Sausage wrapped in bread cubes and again deep fried, but it was tasty and filling.

Foot long ice-cream - work of art here but taste wise, it failed. Not creamy and can hardly taste the chocolate- but cheap enough to quench your thirst after all the foods.

Grilled Squids- the price varies with the sizes. This is good- fresh, chewy and tasty without any sauces required.

There are also various game stalls for children and this seems to be a popular one.

We choose this Buns with Fishball soup stall to sit down to rest our feet for a while. Very odd combination to us but again popular with the Taiwanese.

Most of the stalls have limited seating capacity and table sharing seems common here too.

Jeremy:"Now, what is inside?"

The meat filling - moist and tender - for both the buns and the fishballs as well.

The soup was rather plain and we did not finished it. So just as we left the table, we overheard the young man said "liang fei" (wasteful). We were taken back at this comment before we realise that the Taiwanese do not like to waste food- every part of the animals offals are cooked.

More walking along the streets- full of very food and drinks imaginable. We came across this beautiful wall and follow the signs to go up a staircase.

which brought us up to this cultural heritage building.

It has been occupied by the Japanese before and now had been renovated into a fine dining restaurant.

Bull Horns Buns - it is not flaky as the croissant, its texture more of bread yet soft and very buttery.

Sarah: "I want my dessert" .

Time again to sit to rest the feet. The streets here just goes on and on.

Black soya bean curd.

No, it is not black bean curd- just using the premium black soya bean - of course served with the famous taro balls.

Last but not least, the infamous Stinky Taufoo!! Always buy from the stall with the long queues- though must be prepared to wait.

Jeremy taking his first bite -yum- while May looked on unbelievingly. Though later she too tried this. She said it does not stink while eating it. It is the aftertaste in the mouth that puts her off.

So with this last "tasty morsel" we called it a day and made our way back to the hotel.

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