Thursday, April 26, 2012


When Jeremy came back for his holiday recently, he wanted to have all his old time favourite food.
So, we went for Bak Kuat Teh at Yew Kee, Taman Midah.  This stall is on the main street and has been around since he was small.  Nothing much has changed except maybe the owners had aged a bit.

We ordered their Claypot Bak Kuat Teh
Sarah and myself like this stall as the pot has enoki mushroom, fu chok and chinese cabbage and they alway have the you-tiou (crullers). The taufoo-pok have to be ordered separately.
Every time we would ask for extra refill of the soup  which the lady boss graciously allowed us, though it is the standard practice to give only one refill of the soup.

Instead of the white rice, we chosed their Yam Rice. Fragrant fluffy rice with bits of yam and dried prawns.

You got to order their piece-de-resistance- BRAISED MUI CHOY PORK BELLY.
My goodness- the pork belly just melts in your mouth! Talking about high cholesterol- never mind! There are only around 6 pieces per serving anyway. Very very delicious.

When you have been oversea, you start to miss the old time favourite and Jeremy confirmed that this is the taste that he can recall and like.

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