Monday, March 12, 2012

Thickened Wintermelon Soup

Wintermelon is good for us. It helps to relieve coughs and is cooling for the body.
This soup is very refreshing during the hot weather.

Thickened soup often called "Kang" in Chinese can be served as a one-dish meal.

The main ingredients are: wintermelon (skinned and cut into cubes), chicken breast (diced), prawns (diced), fresh mushroom (diced/sliced) spring onions (diced), garlic(minced) slices of ginger and of course chicken stock/broth.

Heat the pan, add oil and saute the garlic, spring onions (white part) and ginger till fragrant

Add the wintermelon and saute for a few minutes till they soften.

Add chicken stock/broth. This is what I bought back from my Hongkong trip. This broth is delicious and totally MSG free (so it says). It is so handy and convenient to use.

Bring to a boil and cover and simmer for just around maybe 5-10 minutes. The wintermelon should just be about turning transparent.

Remove from the heat and leave aside covered.

Meanwhile, prepare the rest of the ingredients:

1. season diced chicken with soya sauce, pepper and cornstarch

2. dice the prawns and season with a bit of sugar.

3. blanch fresh mushroom in boiling water for just a few second - to remove the "raw" smell
dish up and set aside.

Bring the pot of wintermelon back to a boil (by now they should have all turned transparent).

Add the fresh mushroom followed by the chicken.

Adjust seasoning and thicken the soup with a bit of cornstarch solution (if necessary and you prefer it thick).

Lastly add the prawns.

Remove from heat immediately so as not to overcook the prawns.

Garnish with coriander and serve warm.

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