Sunday, March 11, 2012

Making Fresh Pasta

Ever since, I have attended the workshop making fresh pasta, I wanted to try it at home.

I had bought 2 packets of the semolina flour during the workshop and before the expiry date runs out, I better start doing something about them. Of course, I don't want to spend money an expensive pasta making machine in case this is just a fancy whim.

So finally I bought this manual pasta machine just for RM50.00 and over the weekend I started to make my own pasta. The first problem I realised was that I had no suitable table to clamp the machine onto. Finally I managed to clamp the machine just by the edge of this marble table and as a result it was wobbly and the machine kept moving/shifting and the clamp could dropped out and I had to redo it again. Another problem was that I was unable to turn the knob to change the width and the handle itself kept falling out! I was all ready to give up if not for my hunger.

But I persevered. I had prepare the dough overnight and used only half the dough and after passing it through the machine a few time (only till level 3 as I cannot turn the knob any further)- this is what I get.

I had wanted to make fettucine and yet again I am not able to get that press mode to move.
So in the end, I managed to pass it through the spaghetti mode and managed to get some angel hair spaghetti. There is no time to dry these fresh pasta as I was getting hungry already.

The pasta were quickly blanched - just took less then 5 minutes to cook.

I served them with some Spicy Chili Beans with minced beef and they made a great combination.

The texture of the pasta was springy and tasted very good.

So, what did I do with the other half of the dought? It is still sitting in the freezer.

After the "struggle" with the machine, I think, I will give it a good rest for the time being.

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