Monday, March 19, 2012


I remembered that I had cooked satay(not grilled or BBQ) at home once very long ago. We used to organise birthday parties at our old house. We would invite the neighbours boys and girls around our age group and had a good time eating and playing games. Besides our signature 7-coloured Agar-agar (aka as Magic Mirror); 9 layers kueh; Steamed Sponge cake, I did once cooked satay for our guests.

So I re-created Chicken satay once again for my daughter at home.

Nasi Ketupat - Nowadays - it is cheat's version- packet of rice are available nowadays. Boiled them for almost half hour. This can be done overnight so that the rice packet is cool otherwise if you cut them when hot, it will not be compact.

What I did the last time was to boil the rice with more water so that they are softer and then packed/pressed them down in a baking tray and use some heavy items to put on top so that the rice got compact. It was then cut into cubes.

Chicken satay - Now cooked using a grill pan. I can still get charred bits and it is not as oily as those store-bought. Last time, using a wok and keep stirring till the meat was cooked.

The gravy was thick and redolent with ground peanuts. Last time, have to pan fry peanuts and then ground them myself.

My version of Chicken Satay- whether its cheat's version or not it was still yummylicous.

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