Thursday, January 19, 2012


After a week of shifting to the new office and Chinese New Year celebrations, finally got the chance to do some updating here.

In the midst of the Chinese New Year shopping, we went to the Restoran Hakka Marbles in Taman Len Seng for dinner.

This unpretentious restoran is minimal furnished but the place is always full at mealtimes. You have to go early if you do not want to wait more then half hour.

The menu is limited and their signature dish is this Pumpkin Hakka Marbles. ( Hakka Abacus)

The "abacus" are served with a generous helpings of minced meat and wooden fungus. However you can't really taste the pumpkin and they tender to be a bit on the soft side and more chewy. I prefer the original yam version which my sister Jennifer is an expert at making.

The next popular dish is their Fried Pak Gor (Rice cake) Hokkien style. The thick dark soya sauce with bits of the lard is utterly delicious.

Of course when you are there, you got to try their Fried Assam Laksa.

It is hot and spicy and it could pass as a dry version of the Assam Laksa. Very tasty.

This is the view just outside the restoran- you cannot see them but you can hear them alright. The chirping of the birds rises to a crescendo as night falls. The chinese believe that these birds bring luck and business to the place- no wonder the place is "ong" (good luck)!

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  1. Hi May i know they open everyday and open during the night time? Because im thinking to bring along my mom to try it out during dinner time. Pls advice. Thank You soooo Much~!