Sunday, January 15, 2012


Last weekend, my daugther Sarah gave me a lunch treat. She took me to Restoran Kanna, Section 17, Petaling Jaya for a banana leaf rice. She and her friends often come here for their lunch as it is nearby her college.

My sister who has lived in around Section 17 after her marriage told me that this restoran has been around for a long time so this must be the 3rd or 4th generation management now.

They even created this alfresco space opposite the restoran. However it started to rain, so everyone moved into the restoran. "Everyone" here happens to be mostly Chinese family out for brunch.

We sat down and waited for a few minutes, trying to catch the attention of the waiters. They seem very busy weaving in and out around us but not catching our eye!

Finally after taking our order, the waiter put down a piece of banana leaf in front of us.

Next, he gave us condiments of vegetables curry, radish with lentils and the cucumber pickles.

I like the way the waiters each know and do their part. Rice was ladled by another waiter and he seems to continue doing that until we told him to stop! Next round came the papadums. Thus complete the basic banana leaf rice.

These tiny buckets holds the gravy/curry for the rice. Fish curry, chicken curry and dhall curry and you can take as much as you- no limits here. There is no overpowering curry powder smell in these gravy and they are not too watery.

This side order of Fried Crispy Sotong and Onions seems to be a favourite as almost table has this. We also ordered their Masala Chicken. Both are very tasty and not too spicy.

I enjoyed the meal very much and I should have folded the leaf towards myself after finishing the meal to let the boss here know that I like the meal and will be back. To do as above would mean that I did not like the meal and will not be back. Guess I will be forgiven by the boss for my ignorance!

After the lunch, Sarah took me to another favourite stall - the rojak stall. Again this stall has been around for a long time.

I guess what makes a good rojak is the sauce. The sauce here is thick and full of peanuts.

The rest of the ingredients are fresh and same as everywhere.

The rojak stall is just opposite the Section 17 Wet market.

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