Thursday, January 19, 2012


These are my family favourite selection of Chinese New Year cookies. They are a must every year.

Mandarin oranges - This was a gift from my eldest brother - Taiwanese mandarin oranges -juicy and sweet.

Must have something sweet- sweetened preserved lotus root, lotus seeds, coconut, lime, carrot plus some others which I am not sure- each denoting some good blessings.

My very own creation- Mamakaries- very happy with the cookies this year especially the red cupliners - such a cheerful and festive presentation.

My favourite - Peanut Puffs - to be savoured at leisure after the CNY. Besides the almost empty bottle of Kuen Bangkit- favourite of Esther and Sarah.

Fried Arrowroot crisps with my own peanut cookies behind.

Last but not least of course the meat jerky- bak kua- what is new year without them?

Even with the bad reviews they are still loved by everyone - at least for this time of the year!

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