Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Year New hairdo

Chinese New Year coming, quick get a hairdo to cut away all the bad influences and to welcome the new and good blessing.

Don't know whether there is any truth in that, but that's what I did last weekend.

I had always been longing to have a "babydoll" hairstyle- straight bob with a bang in front. Old fashion maybe but to someone like me who have born with curly hair, it has been impossible to get "straight smooth and silky hair" (you see how we can be so influenced by those advertisements).

Thank for the advance technology, it is now no longer a dream. Rebonding - I know it is nothing new now but this word is magic to my ears, my dreams come true.

At last I can get back my "babydoll" hair style - the one that my Mother designed for us!

After every school holidays just before the new term start, my mother could gather all of us and cut our hair one by one. She donned the cloth around us and could start cutting with the pair of special scissors - not much of hair designing- just below our earlobes and straight around with a bang across our forehead.

I don't know why, but at that time I really hated it. Not so much the hair do, but the process of cutting especially when she started to shave at the end of the hair line at back of the neck. I felt so itchy and the sensation is like someone is walking over my grave! I would be squirming and inched my head away from the shaver- just cannot stand the sensation. After that the back of our neck felt so raw and painful !

Mother was our hairstylist till we reached our Form 5. After that I have tried all sorts of hairstyles even afro hairdo when it was the rage of the 70's together with those bell-bottom pants!

Well the "old" is the "new". At the core of my heart, I always had a tender spot for this hairstyle so I have do it ok.

I sat for almost 4 hours and paid RM180.00 for it. This is my most expensive hair styling cost but I know that there are more expensive hairstyling programme around that can costs hundreds of dollars.

Nobody told me that it is going to be hot (electric tongs were used) and painful (your hair get to be pulled with those tongs from the roots to the tip). I think it is the static electricity caused by the tongs that you feel the prickling sensation.

I am not sure whether this hair style suits me as I have been getting responses like "what happened to your hair?" haha

Is it worthwhile? Definitely yes- I had managed to get one item off the Must-do List for this year.

So, happily welcoming the year of the dragon. Now I must get my new dress to match the hairstyle.

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