Sunday, May 29, 2011


According to Chinese culture, for the first year of marriage, the bride's mother will have to give a birthday celebration for the son-in-law. She will give him a pair of new trouser ("fu") which in Chinese means "prosperity" and also a new wallet to wish him prosperity and wealth throughout their marriage. My niece's husband, Mr. Lim celebrated his birthday on Saturday. The young Mother-in-law did what was required of her and besides she also invited us along for a buffet dinner at the newly opened Hotel Central in Jalan Pudu, Kuala Lumpur.

The camera shy Mr. Lim

The happy family- Mr. Lim, my niece Ing, Ging, the young Mother-in-law Serena and my brother KK.

My sister-in-law ordered a birthday cake from me and I baked for him a Walnut Cake with Mocha Irish Cream Frosting. Its a Walnut Sponge layer cake. I brushed the layers with Bailey's Irish Cream liquer and more Irish Cream were added to the Mocha Frosting too. The cake is then topped with chocolate ganache and Hershey's Irish Cream Kisses and hearts-shaped sprinkles were added as decoration. Keeping with the theme of Hershey's kisses, white chocolate is used to write the words:

"Lots of Hearts and Kisses from Ing"

May they both have many more birthdays togethers till old.

(No, that's not their baby- but my grand niece- Chloe in the picture with them)
Happy invited guests for the evening.

Cross section of the cake.

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