Wednesday, May 18, 2011



I baked a Peach Cheesecake for my brother, Yue Leong's birthday on 30/4/2011.

I know its backdated post. I planned a surprise birthday party for him. He is the most obliging brother- forever taking us to and from the airport on our trips abroad; helping me with the plumbling and minor works which requires a man to handle and even to the extent of fetching my girls from school when they were young. So a big thank you brother for all your help.

We planned a surprise party for him. Each of us cooked a dish for dinner.
Besides this cake and I also cooked a dish which seemed to be everyone favorite- Braised Pork Belly with Salted Fish Head. This is an old fashioned dish as you seldom can find good salted fish and fish head at that. But I did not choosed the fish head. Instead, I used fish belly, lots of dried chillies and taufoo pok as well- yummy.

Anyway, we cooked the dishes at our own place and brought them to his house when he had gone out for hiking in the evening. When he came in through the door (yes he must have seen the shoes and thought we are just going out for a normal Saturday dinner) we shouted "Surprise" and his daughters presented him with the cake! hahahappy.

Behind every successful man, there is great woman- his wife!

Happy Family
He is just as playful !

May all your wishes come true. God Bless you.

The proof is in the eating. Light and not overly sweet.

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