Wednesday, May 18, 2011



My sister-in-law gave me some "nian go" from the Chinese New Year.

My favourite of way of cooking them is to sandwich a piece of nian go with a piece of yam and sweet potato before dipping into thick batter and then deep fry. I remember my late Mother cooking this Chinese snack for us. She used to dip it with just batter and pan fried them till they are melting soft and slightly burnt. She would also steamed them and then rolled them into a soft ball in grated coconut (which we picked from the Indian Temple down the road).

Sarah's friend gave her some wrapped like spring roll.

I know that I had to try this way myself.

The yam and sweet potato are cut into square pieces and then steamed till soft.

Using the spring roll wrapper is much easier work. I had bought the small size, so I had to make use of 2 pieces of the wrapper instead of one.

Place the nian go between the yam and sweet potato and wrap them up neatly
Secure the ends with a bit of cornstarch solution or egg white.

Fry them on medium-low heat till brown.

Whatever it is cooked, I like them melted and gooey. Now even though this does not look gooey enough, it tasted delicious.

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