Sunday, December 19, 2010



Today is my niece Wai Yee's birthday. I know I should have make this at least a day before, but I had forgotten and only remember this morning. Well, I console myself that its better late than never. I had originally planned to use the mascorpone cheese however, I must have overbeaten it and the cream separated. In the end, have to resort to cream cheese for the filling.

I made 2 - a square and a round one. I wanted to make a spiral deco but somehow just could not get the paper cutting right and as a result it ended as a spider web. For the square just cut the wavey strips to place across the cake, dust with cocoa powder. I was too impatient and lifted off the paper too fast and as a result, some of the cocoa powder fell back. Now I know that I have to lift it off slowly- piece by piece. Well, patience is not my virtue.

But I am glad that the cake is moist and favourful. I like it especially with the Irish cream liquer- yum.

Happy Birthday Wai Yee May God be with you always.

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