Monday, December 27, 2010



When I am sick, I will be told not to eat rice, but porridge. When I am tired of cooking, I will cook the simplest porridge. when I crave for something hot and comforting, its the porridge. There are a lot of ways to cook porridge and it is the main meal to some people. But there is one style of porridge that is easiest to cook, suitable for old and young and it can most simple or complex depending on the accompanying side dishes. It is the Teochew style of porridge- plain smooth porridge served with any variety of side dishes.

The rice is just boil with plenty of water till they just "open" ie the grains burst. And the texture of porridge depends on individual taste. I like mine- smooth and thick- not too watery.

I normally serve this with the following side dishes-

1. Chau Lup Lup-a dish of stir fry of diced long beans, diced sweet preserved radish, dried prawns and Chinese sausage(optional) and topped with roasted peanuts for crunchiness;

2. fried preserved (pre-cooked) ikan kampong for crispiness and saltiness

3. fried eggs wih dark soya sauce or a preserved radish omelette;

4. jar of pickled lettuce- from the fridge - its cold and crunchy

5. Preserved Fish with black bean- this is a favourite

These are the usual accompaniments that I would serve with porridge. Of course, salted duck eggs and chinese sausage are also good alternatives.

One of the dishes which lately have not been included is Luncheon Meat because of the bad feedback on this can of meat. But this time I had included it and it was zapped up!

The more elaborate varieties include Braised Duck in Dark Soya sauce, Sour Vegetables, Braised Mushroom with Chicken feet etc. In fact, the choices are limitless and you can serve this plain porridge with anything that you fancy.

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  1. I guess mom's cooking is always best cos children grow up eating their cooking. But I love the texture of your porridge, not too soft and atery, not too dry. And those chao lup lup! Fave!