Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Time flies. I find it especially fast too and its the end of the year 2010.

Its time to ask myself what have I done and achieved in 2010. Its also time to give thanks.

I am thankful that I am still been able to work. Most people when they reached 55, they wonder whether the company will still retain them or they have to retire. After so many years of working, I am happy now that my job is less stressing and I have the time to do this blog!

I am thankful that all my family members are safe and healthy. There are wedding, new birth and new jobs and new faces in the family and these are very much welcome. These are times of joy and happiness for us - the caring and togetherness has always been of utmost importance to me. Its truly God's grace and mercy that we can all gather together without strife and laugh and sing too- during the many festivals and birthday parties!.

Health is wealth. I am glad that I am able to keep an exercise regime everyday and along the way meet new friends.

I am very happy that throughtout this year, I am able to cook dinner for my girls. This is something that I had missed doing when they are growing up. My Sister-in-law had been feeding them on my behalf. Thank You Evon. Nowadays however, is my chance to introduce them to foods and different style of cooking. I believe that food unites and food also delights -not only our tastebuds, but also our minds. This is something that I enjoy doing -cooking and baking anyway.

I pray that the next year will bring greater joy and happiness to all.


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