Wednesday, June 9, 2021


There are too many MCO1, MCO 2, EMCO, CMCO AND RMCO that I have actually lost count or remember them.  This trip was made during one of CMCO I think so.  After months of being couped up in the house, we decided to make this trip, still within the state of Selangor. 

We arrived after almost an hour car drive. There were plenty of parking space under shade, maybe we were early or lack of crowds due to the pandemic.

The entrance 
After all the sop we made our way inside. 

These beautiful orchids definitely lifted our moods immediately. 

The cafe 

We took our lunch at the cafe.  There were a good selection of cakes and local delicacies.  I ordered the Satay chicken chop and it was yummy.   The cafe is air-conditioned and you can look out the vast windows to see more blooms and the mini lake or is it a pond? 

lost for words at these amazing blooms. 
Besides the outdoor, there are 2 air-con showrooms (no photos allowed inside). 

We did not left empty handed.  There were small pots of orchids for sale and we bought some home.  The blooms lasted really for about a month. I have repotted them and hopefully they will show they magnificent blooms once again. 


  1. You have just shared some beautiful photos. I missed getting close to the nature.

    I have suffered so much from this lockdown, MCO1, MCO 2, EMCO, CMCO AND RMCO until my head was very depressed yesterday. I drove my car alone around the whole Damansara Heights to admire the big bungalow houses and trees. I felt better and drove home with ice cream at my steering wheel.

  2. Hello Elaine, thank you for coming by my blog... we came a long way, right!