Wednesday, May 26, 2021


24/5/2021 MONDAY

We bid farewell to a wonderful loving husband, a doting and caring father and grandfather, a humble and ever helpful brother-in-law, the most fun and best karaoke uncle and friend on 24/5/2021.

He had a relapse of his cancer condition early this year and left us peacefully on 24/5/2021.   Because of the pandemic, his son and my sisters weren't able to come back from Melbourne and they can follow the procedure virtually.


 his final journey 

He will always be remember by all of us. 

his best pal, Bill and my sister Vicky

the best dressed couple for my brother's 70th birthday party

The eulogy from my sister May sums it all:-

"Today is about embracing Seng kor's farewell. His earthly journey has concluded but the heavenly path is opened for him. 

A man of dignity and ever so proud of Yoke-ti. Wai Yee, Kit and Khuen and more importantly his love for cats and birds.  His love for our sister was solid and despite the highs and lows, Seng Kor never once complained in his last moments, he even asked Rose (the caregiver) to go and look after his wife instead of himself who was gravely ill.  

A prime example of his caring and humbleness.  Uncomplaining except for the freezing cold at Philip Island.   Loved his coffee and loved buying Tic Tac for his loving granddaughter Audrey who dearly calls him "yeh yeh" .

Farewell now and this is only a temporary goodbye.  

We miss you, Seng kor (and your curry laksa)".

May God bless his soul.

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  1. I could see how much he was loved by everyone. He was so cheerful and fun to all. RIP Seng Kor.