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Hue is often known as the imperial city of Vietnam because of the long reign of the Nguyen Dynasty in Hue.

From 1802 to 1945 Vietnam was ruled by the Nguyen Dynasty for more than 100 years with its capital in the city of Hue.  The Emperor abdicated in 1945 to make way for the new communist government which was set up in Hanoi.

Ngo Mon Gate. The gate, supposedly built to resemble a group of five phoenixes, has since become a symbol of not only the Citadel, but of Hue itself.

the gate for the ladies

the gate for the men... oh we only have one male here.. 

these buildings are so ornate and colourful 

Most of the temples, walls and gates were damaged during the war with the French in 1947 and later  more destroyed by the American forces during the Vietnam wars.

We were informed by the guide that these architecture lookalike the structures were reconstructed after those of  the Forbidden City in Beijing ie not original buildings. 

Again, we can see the intricate decoration  all using broken pottery..

Gate of Manifest Benevolence (Cửa Hiển Nhơn)

Nine Dynastic Urns.  
Each of these urns have special carving and each of them were installed to honour the past Nguyen emperors.  We can see some bullets marks in the urns too. 

The Thien Mu Pagoda.. 

just a beautiful plant in the temple.

The entire walking tour took almost 2 hours and its time for lunch. 

traditional restaurant serving traditional Hue cuisine.

Banh Beo one of the most popular and famous traditional dish in Hue
Love this... small rice cakes serve with some dried shrimps and dipping sauce.

This lunch  was definitely our favourite meal..

The Pink Cathedral in Danang aka Roster Church because of the weather cock on top of the bell tower.  
The crowds attending Sunday mass at the church 

Another traditional meal for dinnertime, Vietnamese rice and accompanying dishes  in mini claypot. 

shadow playing by the beach near our hotel.... 

Another nightime outing on our own this see the dragon spitting fire and water!

grab some seats and drinks to watch the show...

Fire show runs at 9pm every Saturday and Sunday but crowds start to swell at 8pm onwards. The bridge is closed to traffic about 10 minutes before the show.

This 1,864-foot-long Dragon bridge has a steel dragon. It was built in 2009 and opened on March 29, 2013, the bridge commemorates the 38th anniversary of the taking of the port city of Da Nang by the North Vietnamese near the end of the Vietnam War.
The Dragon head  started to spit fire...

After the fire, the water came and the crowds started running away to escape being caught in the water. 

a thrilling ride by  Grab motorcycle back to hotel for the girls while we took a taxi back after the show.

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