Tuesday, October 22, 2019



Thank you little Alexa for your beautiful present. 

Lunch @ Parklife..  

1st Set Lunch - hummus, pita bread, roasted eggplant and advocado and quinoa salad 

2nd set lunch butternut squash, soba and wakame salad, garlic mushroom salad 

lentils soup and latte.

can't wait to dig in.. 

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there is good selection of pastries and cakes as well 

Went home and bake mini chicken pie for tomorrow breakfast. 

chicken fillet with red/yellow pepper and edamame beans cooked with white sauce.  

water and oil dough pastry 

mini chicken pie..

After my Busan trip in September, I cooked some Korean-inspired dinners:-

my take of Bibimbap and miso soup 

kimchi, red pepper, garlic mushroom, spinach and yellow tofu with sunny egg. 

One-pot dinner- kimchi gyoza nabe..
homemade gyoza wrapper and minced meat filling done overnight and kept frozen till ready to cook.  Cook hotpot of kimchi broth with chives, tofu, chinese cabbage, enoki mushroom and yellow bean sprouts. Add frozen gyoza to complete cooking.  adapt from Justonecookbook recipe.   

mother and daughter

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