Wednesday, July 3, 2019



What wonderful company, old friends, new friends and its a small world after all when we realised that we do have mutual friends.  

She knows all about my ailments and I know about her family and she stay nearby my house and is a patient and friend to her and a church member with my classmate and neighbour, so you see its a small world after all... confusing??? 

The cool shed...

welcome drinks: roselle tea, marigold flower tea, blue pea flower  tea and mulberry tea

marigold tea

thick delicious pumpkin soup... 

grilled eggplant and spicy hummus with chickpeas

The sweet potato leaves are so delicious and "sweet"

Sweet millet with black eye bean "cake"

Purple sweet potatoes 

This is yummylicious dip with pieces of their sourdough bread. 

Alkaline drink. 

Sweeten grated winter-melon -served chilled... 

Biodynamic rice with kerabu..

Actually the farm tour before the buffet lunch. 

the huge compost pile. 

plenty of these dragonflies flitting along the small brook

Green wrapper for the Ulam Raja. 


  1. You are so blessed to have a loving family and good friends~!! The food is so healthy and delicious. Does that organic farm prepare so much food daily for visitors?

  2. Thank God for all the family and friends that cross my path including you! You be surprise that all the foods was finished! they do top-up and not daily only for farm visits.