Thursday, July 25, 2019



French Toast using sourdough bread 

this is the sourdough which we bought from Garden To Table.. 
here we have eaten it with some warm extra virgin olive oil and dash of balsamic vinegar.  

For breakfast, we served the french toast with sliced bananas and honey.

a bento for weekday... penne pasta with homemade tomato sauce, prawns and basil from the garden of  course. 

roasted cauliflower with chickpeas and cherries which are in season  now...

When tomatoes are plentiful and cheap,  buy more to make pasta sauce.  Keep them in the fridge and these are great for quick meals.  Some of the tomatoes are tossed with olive oil, salt, sugar and dried oregano and left to roast in low oven for 4 hours before bottling them.  

How about pickling some onions too?
Pickled Onions with rosemary and garlic cloves

So fragrant 

and so pretty pink too

These are delicious and refreshing to be served with any grilled meat or top up sandwiches or 

simply  tossed into this Kerabu Meehoon which I served with grilled chicken fillets.  The fillets were marinated with cayenne pepper,  chilli powder, salt and pepper to complement the spicy Kerabu Meehoon.  Kerabu Meehoon tossed with diced tomatoes, grated carrots,  sliced bunga kantan, fresh coriander, mint leaves, pickled onions and of course some chili padi and season with a dressing of lime juice, sugar, salt and sesame oil and sesame seeds.  


  1. I love what you have just shared! The idea of making pasta sauce from tomatoes is brilliant. You have given me some ideas to pickle some local fruits and vegetables.

  2. It's always good to share ideas.