Tuesday, July 9, 2019



Pan-fried and boiled dumplings. 
As the girls were not going out to their activities, I decided to make dumplings and surprisingly Sarah was eager to learn.  It's time to pass the baton to her.    
First making the dough- plain flour with warm salty water mixed and kneaded together to form a smooth dough and then rested for at least half an hour. 

testing whether the dough is ready.

Filling: Minced pork, diced prawns, salt, pepper, sesame oil, dash of cooking wine and egg to in bind.

This time I used sliced leeks as I could not get Chinese chives from the market.  You can also add shredded cabbage/Chinese cabbage. 

Mix together till sticky 

She has to learn how to pleat the dumpling together 

Heat pan add oil and place in the dumplings  and on low heat, let them cook till the bottom is slightly  golden brown 

splash a bowl of water and quickly cover the pan and let them steamed till cook through. 
The other half of the dumplings were boiled and served.  

Boiled and pan-fry dumplings served with dipping sauce of black vinegar and ginger slices, accompanied by freshly brewed rose tea...   

As I have cleared and harvested some pandan leaves from my garden I prepared some pandan paste- simply blend the leave with some water.  Sieved the juice into a jar and leave jar in the fridge at 2-3 days.    Decided to make use of the pandan paste (which is the thick paste at bottom of the jar) to bake this Pandan Layer Cake.  Baked sponge vanilla cake no problem.... but  I made a blunder --  when pouring the kaya custard I accidentally knock against the lock of  the springform pan,  as a result you can see the very uneven sides...urgh.... 

But taste still good... no artificial colouring at all. 

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