Sunday, December 30, 2018



Petaling Street Heritage House.
My nephews had arranged for prayers for their dearest mother's 3-years death anniversary.  After the prayers at the Kwang Tung Pagoda, we made a memory trip down to Petaling Street.  My sisters from Australia still cannot forget our father's business place, even though the place has been renovated beyond its former image.
Downstairs is a retro-style cafe and upstairs the exhibition space

costumes for the Chinese opera...

Back stage....
From the Heritage House, we walked to the Chan Clan Temple..

The Chan clan. 

the various forms of the Chinese character "Chan" 

As we walked back to the MRT station, we past this little cute cafe, actually half a shop lot.

Their speciality... tau foo Fa (soyabean curd), just the right dessert in the hot afternoon  

There are numerous collections of cameras here... 

Kodak films before the digital cameras.

This marked the end of a short holiday for my siblings from down under.  

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year 2019.

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