Monday, December 3, 2018


November  2018

After the Surprise Party of the year and our mini getaways and road trip, the "aussie group" had flew back. 
I was down with fever, cough/cold and took me almost 2 weeks to get better. As the year is drawing to a close (imagine just 1 more month to 2019!!!!) it's time to give thanks to God for being with us throughout the year.  I definitely have more praise and thanks to God.. 

All the hard work and sacrifices finally pays off.  - my niece's convocation ceremony.  

All the best for your future! Welcome to the real working world.

Plenty of love and kisses from all your aunties and uncles and grand aunties and uncles too!
Welcome little Trevor to the big family clan... an earlier than expected arrival! (could it be due to the jungle hiking hahahah?) 

It's celebration time with her "students" ..
Congratulations to my sister for passing her practical yoga teacher exams

practice time with her students.. 
Again, it prove that we should not let age with a limit, we can do all things with determination, practice and of course, God's help. 

getting into the mood for Christmas .... 


Lunch @ GreyHound Cafe 

spaghetti alle vongole 

Spaghetti Carbonara with turkey ham.

Darling Alexa playing with the dog and cow....

our lady Phow-Phow relaxing 

"don't keep asking me to smile! I want to sleep"


  1. So much good blessings for you and your family!
    Next year will be even happier!