Tuesday, December 18, 2018



Mission accomplished @ the  362 "Heong Peah"
Surprisingly everyone was up early after the late night.  We had a leisurely buffet breakfast before we checked out.  The mission this morning was to buy "heong peah"... Ipoh famous biscuits.  My sister had an addresses for "the best" biscuits but when we arrived the shop was still closed and yes there were a few people queuing up already!  However when the shop finally opened, we were told that the heong peah would only be available noon-time.  So we told the van driver (sorry forgot to mention, that his name was David) of our mission and he goggled and drove us to the 362 factory @ Gunung Rapat, past some crowded early morning market. 

Big charcoal oven for baking the heong peah. 

There were only 2 persons working ... maybe husband and wife team, both were very uncommunicative but we were free to wander around ourselves. Verdict: yes their biscuits are good, layers of crispy pastry with a flowing molasses filing.  

Next stop- Tanung Tualang Tin Dredge.

The TT5 as it is called is a relic of the Malaysia tin mining industry. 

A tin dredge is like a floating factory.  TT5 was built in England in 1938 and was in operation for 44 years until 1982 when the tin-mining industry declined. It is the only remaining tin dredge left in Malaysia.  

ready to board, must wear the hard hat but the Management needs to look into the hygiene of these hats! 

The tin-bearing soil are scooped up by these buckets, moved along the conveyor to the top and through some sort of  mechanism where the heavier tin were collected and the waste soil are spewed out at the end of chutes... that the gist of it. 

We were told to keep together and not roam around in case of any accidents.  It was hot and stuffy and you can imagine the working conditions of the tin-miners with the loud noise as well!  All instructions were given by the ringing of a bell.  

Ok, May what is the actual measurement?
"According to my hands:  75 meters in length, 35 meters wide and 3 meters deep and it weighs 4,500 tons" 

We were shown how the dualang works.. but too bad, no tin was found..

Its tiring work 

There is life in these dis-use tin mine

and beautiful blooms too 
A quick stop by  Kellie's Castle...

Lunchtime @ Kampar...

Good old Chicken curry baked in the bread, love the soft fluffy bread- everyone favourite.  

yummy fish noddle soup too.

how long can they stand? 
This was another wonderful trip with my Chan clan.... will always treasure the time together. 


  1. You had such a fruitful and fun trip to buy the famous biscuits and go sightseeing. I have never been inside the Kellie's castle as I know it is spooky especially after dusk.