Sunday, June 10, 2018



The doctor in the house.
After a good night rest we had a leisurely breakfast at home before our trip to the city.

We took the train down to the city center. 

The Pool of Reflection and the Anzac War Memorial Building at the southern end of Hyde Park... wonder at the view and to give serious thoughts about wars in the world. 

Stepping into Hyde Park 
a green oasis in the city center.. 

Hyde Park is Australia oldest public park.  This 16 hectares of open space is on a level ground and huge trees lined the pathway.  Being a  Sunday, there was a open-air church service going on too! 

The Archibald Fountain....bequeathed by JF Archilbald to commemorate the association between Australia and France in WWI.   It was designed by a French sculptor Francois Sicord and the themes are that of Greek mythology.  Apollo representing beauty and light, stand aloft with his right arm outstretch giving protection to nature while in he holds a lyre in his left hand.  There 3 side fountains - with Diana, the Goddess of purity;  Theseus and the Minataur representing sacrifice for the good of the people and the third with Pan (which I did not noticed) which symbolises the good things on earth.  There are also 6 tortioses (fountains) in the  large basin.      

There are lots of people around and we have to wait to get a good photo.  While waiting, we noticed one guy going round secretively and bending over the fountain to pick off the coins that were thrown by the tourists!. 

The Sydney Tower. in the background.

St. Mary's Cathedral across the Hyde park. - one of the largest Catholic church 

The twin spires and facade is English gothic design and built of sandstone. 

step in to the high central nave with its glistering terrazzo floors with aisle on either side. 

the rose stained glass windows  above  the pipe organ is based similarly to those as in Notre Dame in Paris 

the confessionals along the aisle. 

looking out from the center 
the sanctuary

time for lunch, walking towards Westfields @ Pitts street.

Greek salad from foodcourt.

Chunky parmesan truffle fries... crunchy fries infused with truffle oil  and top with sprinkling of parmesan cheese... loved it because of the parmesan cheese but cannot really taste the truffle oil though. 

no beef pie this time, but juicy tender Angus beef patty with soft brioche bun - yummy

Charlie & Co. Burgers. 
I read that Hamburger is actually a person's name and Charlie Hamburger is recognised as  the pioneer of the original hamburger. 

After lunch, its time for Alexa afternoon nap.  So we took to the city walks...first the Queen Victoria Building.

QVB  central dome with its glass interior and copper sheathed outside. 

very busy at weekend and now they have seating in the middle of the  concourse which I  don't really fancy that as the beauty and serenity of the mall seems to be lost.  

Just a quick stroll through the floors before exiting the building...and continue walking

peeped into the quiet lane of Angel's place and as we walked closer, you can hear the chirping of birds! 

Image may contain: 1 person, night
No.1 Martin Place... 

resting our legs and trying to figure out where has the Lindt's cafe shifted...

Finally, found it.

Yes, this is IT... our favourite chocolate..


  1. I always love to see your photographs. They are so beautiful and radiate out happiness aura. Hope she will grow up to become a doctor someday!

  2. Thank You very much for your nice compliments.... my daughters always said I take blurred photos! i think she picked a brush when she was one year old!\