Tuesday, March 27, 2018



At HTBB church @ Rooftop Lot 10. 

hello, Alexa....

they were at church too the same day down under.....

We have been invited by my next door neighbours for a lunch gathering at S.O.P German Bar and Bistro at the Paradigm Mall.
The grand lady's birthday party. 

Mrs Liew is truly the best neighbour.  She is always giving us tasty meals which she cooked with her daughter especially her vegetarian dish, Vinegar Pig Trotters and best of the best Assam Laksa.  Her daughter Grace is also a very accomplished cook, some of her paus and angko kueh are her best sellers. They also help to keep a lookout for us while we were not around.    We have been staying next door each other for more than 25 years now.  I have seen her daughters grew up and got married and have children too.    

And she said she had witnessed my daugthers growing up too.  I am so glad that she does not fuss about my dogs and infact she gave them treats too.  I can truly say that they are the best neighbors to live with. God bless her with many more happy years.  

 these are the best angko kueh made by Grace her daughter and we love them.
She uses all natural food   to get the vibrant colours and she always make them fresh for orders. 
Behind is a piece of Surabaya cake which her daughter-in-law brought all the way from Indonesia and indeed it was buttery, dense and moist and delectable.... I goggle the recipe and it was amazing almost 20 egg yolks were used to make the cake!
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interior of the S.O.P. German Bar and Bistro in Paradigm Mall ... popular for their Iberico pork menu. 

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the guests helping themselves to the yummylicious food- mostly her close friends and relatives. 

We were glad to share this precious day with them and enjoyed the food and  time together.  May God bless the family.  


  1. I am glad that you have best neighbours. Even good neighbours are all heavenly fate's arrangement and I believe that.

  2. Totally agree with you. Thank God for their tolerance towards my doggies.

  3. The angle looks so nice.hmm..the red ones must b Dragon fruit I think