Wednesday, November 15, 2017



Do you listen with total attention?
I truly find Chinese characters amazing...the different/components strokes in just one word can define/explain the word so well.  As explain in the word itself (Listen):  not only to hear but with (eyes) to see, (one) undivided attention, (heart) to feel (Ear) to hear and (king) - to regard the person speaking as important.  

A talk given by Dr. Khoo Boon Hock  @ Kasih Hospis Centre, PJ. 
A entertaining, enlightening  and empowering talk. As my nephew started his first year of medical studies at University of Malaya, I encourage him to join us for this talk.  Dr Khoo  also share some anecdotes from his medical days and also tips to be a successful medical student... dress smartly and be neat and tidy... no hair falling over when you examine the patient! D: 

The four magical phrases to change your life and relationship with family and friends.

The benefits of saying these four sentences ... 

At the end of the talk, we were encouraged to say this prayer of forgiveness.

Before the talk, we took our lunch at Strangers@47 in Section 17, Petaling Jaya. 

Nasi Lemak Crepe by Strangers@47
bits of fried chicken inside with rice and condiments of regular nasi lemak.

Hojicha Latte - this is roasted tea which has higher levels of antioxidants and lower caffeine levels. Love the earthy aroma and only wished its a bigger cup of tea!

Lethal Shrooms.. crepe with mushroom fillings and tomato relish and balsamic vinegar ...yummy. 

my little darling Alexa getting her first haircut 

Father and Daughter outfits over the weekend  

Ingredients for the quiche for the weekend..leeks, grated parmesan cheese, milk/eggs mixture and crispy bacon. 

Voila.... golden cheesy goodness. 


  1. If I am in KL, I will join you for the talk...

  2. Interesting talk. When are you coming to KL? Come for Christmas?

  3. aiks...nasi lemak crepe? Got nasi lemak cake, nasi lemak burger, nasi lemak dress.... what else next...LOL

  4. Hi Elaine... it's been a while since i last visited yr blog... How's life? Lovely quiche, by the way.....;)

    1. Hi.. I am still following your trip to Beijing..good!

    2. Hi.. I am still following your trip to Beijing..good!

  5. This Saturday I will attend the talk of "Pain Management" at University Malaya too. After that I should go to eat at Strangers@47 too! LOL