Thursday, November 9, 2017


Back in Guangzhou

Delicious Wanton mee ... shop with years of history.
We stayed at the Hotel Lido around the popular Beijing Road. Today was a free and easy day for us and its shopping day as around this area are plenty of shops and eateries.  
my brother KK was the "tour guide" here. 

street across the hotel.

The Chinese saying "eat in Guangzhou" definitely rings true... the Cantonese style cuisine is very suitable to us and can  soon felt our waistline growing as well..

At night we met up again with our cousins and KK's friend who invited us to his favourite restaurant for dinner, too much food and  here are just a few of them...

Roasted Goose.... 

crispy Roasted Pork 

some sort of buns ...very yummy... 

Braised pig's intestines.... 

salt and pepper prawns..

steamed luffa with minced garlic and clams..
His friend just resides behind this restaurant and they practically eat here almost everyday!