Wednesday, October 18, 2017



The Miao Village, Zhangjiejia. 
Before this, we were taken by the guide to visit the local products shop under the local government... so suppose all the goods here are genuine ones.

the concourse of the shopping mall 

descending into the "lion's den", close the gate and let the dogs out, nobody is getting out without buying anything...hahaha.  Indeed we all were like crazy, buying this and that after a very hard sell talk given about the local products of Zhangjiejia. One of them was the Chinese TCM .. a kind of bark which is good for treating backache.  The forest around this area are planted with these trees and barks  are harvested and use to make combs, chopsticks and tea leaves from the tree as well. 

the Miao village with the high speed train railways behind. 

Rice fields.. 

not sure whether this is witchcraft or trickery. 2 poles were held apart by members of our group at each end The man then started chanting and slowly you can see the poles closing into each... the young man and woman said they did not do anything to bring the poles together!  

chillies, sichuan peppers, cinnamon, star anise and an assortment of spices for sale, all home grown. 

one of the newer house 

while this is an old residence. 

So much water used to clean the buses and yet the "toilets" are really stinking and you have to pay to enter too and guess what these toilets are like?....  

this is the highway where all the tour buses stopped for a quick wash before proceeding to our next destination....
Phoenix Ancient Town @ night..after dinner and checking into our hotel, the night activity was to walk to the  bridge for a stroll....

Next: Phoenix Ancient Town @ Day.....

Oh.... the toilets? well, just like open pigsty, just cubicle without doors I was told!


  1. I always loved to share stories about their China toilets with my friends. Their faces turned horrified to hear about one toilet in Nanjing which was inside a brand new complex building. No cubicles and no doors but a huge shallow longkang in the middle. The men either squatted or stood and did their business into the longkang in full open view of all the other men. They asked me what's so shy about this matter??

    I would avoid those Miao tribes forever as some could do the most deadly witch crafts and charms in this world. Everyone knows that many men fell very sick after going to villages in Yunnan and Kunming where they kena those floating deadly charms.

  2. Please read this link -

    After reading please delete this comment so that those invisible don't come to your blog. LOL

  3. Thanks TM. We were careful not to touch their things too.