Wednesday, September 20, 2017


16/9/2017 & 17/9/2017
Saturday & Sunday

Yam Mooncake with fresh homemade yam paste. 
The Mooncake making fever is going on facebook, so many beautiful creations have sparked my interest again. So here I am trying and testing them. 

Bought these 2 moulds to try the gongzi mooncakes...

These are not made with left-overs dough.  I think traditional these are made with leftover dough after baking the traditional mooncakes.

After first round of baking 

egg wash applied after resting for 5 minutes and went for second round of baking 

the first batch unfortunately was hard even after the 3 days of resting.  Did another batch, different recipe and keeping my fingers crossed 

Before baking ..

after baking.

a peek inside 

Baked some Shanghai mooncakes


  1. I have not eaten enough moon cakes for this season. Waiting for my wife to make hers! I love to eat those with lots of nuts & grains.

  2. Those are also my favourite but so far have not try making them yet.