Sunday, June 18, 2017



Sunrise Yoga @ 21/5/2017

Sunset Yoga  @ 20/5/2017 

We are ready to rock and roll.....

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Teacher, so many standing poses lah.... 

alright can sit down now, before 

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our favourite pose.... 

As the session finally ended as the sun set and it was time for some "playing" and  selfie ......

ops...didn;t realised I was standing with my slipper, no wonder so steady lah..hahaha

Our yoga instructor- soft-spoken and charming  Dolores from D'Yoga Hub...

Demonstration by teacher....

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Yoga under the stars was so relaxing and windy ..surprisingly I did not feel any mosquitoes, but can hear the crickets making a ruckus!   My conclusion after staying in the open nature: crickets make noises at night while in the morning it is the birds welcoming the day!    

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  1. Namaste! This event is so fun and refreshing. You are so flexible and could easily bend like a rubber band.

    I could not even touch my toes! I wish I could do the headstand like my wife.

  2. Namaste! I am just learning and I cannot do the headstand like your wife!

  3. Hi Elaine - I am writing an academic book chapter about mermaid imagery in south eastern Asia and would like to reproduce your photo of people at the mermaid statue (to demonstrate its popularity) - would that be ok, if I give you photographer credit - of course? Best Wishes - Phil (Professor Philip Hayward, University of Techology, Sydney -