Monday, June 12, 2017



Twinkle, twinkle little stars, how I wonder what you are... here we are supine on the already dew-moistened ground  and gazing up into the inky sky at the zillions of twinkling stars. It's amazing that they seemed extra bright and illuminous here, miles away from the city where they are not outshine by the city  lights.
It's a short 2D/1N yoga retreat at the Sailor's Rest in Janda Baik and its a unique experience and life is too short not to enjoy ourselves.  It was our first experience of glamping (glamorous camping) and yoga under the stars organised by LocalUsher, founded by two bubbly young women, Sabrina and Hui Lin. Both are  engineers by profession and are avid globetrotters and they offer some unique experiences, be it water-rafting, caving,  travelling etc. You can check out their facebook for upcoming events.

We departed from KL and within an hour had arrived at the Purple Cane Cafe in Janda Baik. It's time for a toilet break and to stretch our legs and to get in sync with nature.  

tea jelly and glutinous rice balls in rose soya milk ..

sipping the hot fragrant Jasmine tea while enjoying the surroundings. 

collection of clay tea pots for sale.

Banquet hall  @ Tanarimba..

Checking in at Sailor's Rest Resort
The owner Tuan Hashim was former a navy personnel and built this  personal getaway and tropical orchard from the bustle of Kuala Lumpur... yes the mangosteen and durian trees are still around but it was not the season yet. He brought back the concept of Glamping from UK- which is to enjoy the outdoor lifestyle  with camping comforts.  The resort sit 600 metres above sea level  and has a houseboat, kampung style chalets and of course the camping tents. 
After registering ourselves with the organisers, we took a walkabout the place..

Honeymooners would love to be idyllically marooned in this houseboat.....

Our rooms for the tonight... 

It is spacious inside and there are comfortable beds and beddings are provided . Each tent can easily accommodate a family of 5... they will bring in extra beds if needed.  

Getting ready for the first sunset yoga sessions...

Both of our tents were just beside the river and she is already exploring across the river.  Behind is the tropical jungle.  The resort can organise river walks ie you walk along the river collecting litters/rubbish,  this is especially for the corporate companies team building programme.  They also have Buddhist groups coming here for meditation as they have a multi purpose hall as well.  

Exotic flower

Beautiful  garden, pathways and ponds surrounded the resort and you can really feel the love and care taken by the owner and his wife to maintain/upkeep this quiet oasis for relaxation and nature.

the huge dining hall
 Breakfast is included in the rates but they will only cater for lunch/dinner if the group has 10 pax and above because Tuan Hashim informed us that he brought his chef from KL and the food served for the group of us was truly simple  but delicious fare. We had BBQ dinner and the Fried Nasi Kerabu was very good.  The breakfast include local delights and the Nasi Lemak and sambal and the Goreng Pisang were indeed very yummylicious.  

Birds of Paradise.. 

I have asked the owner why are the leaves black, she told me these are lotus plants.

Bathing was a pleasure with the hot (mildly hot only during our stay) and cold water rainshower under the open skylight, even though the common toilet was a bit of distance from our tents.  Being the navy person he was, the toilets were indeed very ship-shape and clean!    

rows and rows of this dill plants were planted to line the pathways around the place as it is a natural mosquito repellant plant, truly an eco-natural surroundings. 
Next- our yoga sessions.....


  1. I was very impressed to see someone posted a beautiful house being built on stilts at Janda Baik. I became curious of this retreat area and now you have shared even more interesting photos. The sleeping tents are so unique and cosy!

    I like that unique pink flower. I think it is called lobster claw or parrot beak from the Heliconia Rostrata flower family.

    1. Thanks TM, I thought it was called the Birds of paradise.
      The tents are actually a bit stuffy and hot in the afternoon, but cooling at night. But nice place for a weekend getaway.

    2. Birds Of Paradise looked similar from the same family but that flower would bloom upright and not hang down like this. It would also look like a real bird with crown and long beak. I used to be a gardener too. Ha Ha

    3. Thanks for sharing... you are truly jacks of all trades!